About Quick Stand Archery

Quick Stand Archery was originally founded nearly 10 years ago. The gentleman who designed the stand was driven by the need of a versatile, mobile stand that would keep all bow components completely off the ground. His application was primarily in 3D Competition shoots. Being a skilled craftsman, he began working on a design for a stand that he could not find on the market. The result was the Quick Stand, and Quick Stand Archery was formed. After several successful years of providing the product to the public, the decision to stop production was made due to personal and health related issues.

Chance provided me the opportunity to meet and get to know the originator first on a professional level and then on a personal level. When the Quick Stand was first put before me, I knew that I was looking at the best bow stand design available on the market. Since that introduction and through many meetings and discussions, Quick Stand Archery was purchased and is now once again available for the Archery Market. We have held true to all the original design and quality specifications. We are proud to say that the Quick Stand is 100% made, assembled, and packaged in the U.S.A. We look forward to continuing the legacy of the most premium bow stand on the market today.

Mark W. Dees
Quick Stand Archery