The Quick Stand Bow Stand (Patent Pending) is free standing and keeps your bow and its components completely off the ground. It allows your bow to sit in a vertical, upright position for easy access during a hunt or practice session. The Quick Stand also offers an excellent storage platform for your bow when not in use or on display.

The tripod design adapts to almost any level terrain and its hinged front leg makes it both portable and easy to pack or store.

Made from 3/8th’s inch steel with a powder coated finish, the Quick Stand is built to withstand years of use and service. The bow “seat” is covered with soft PVC to protect your bows finish and add additional grip for stability.

Four models are available to fit many of the most popular bows on the market today. From the modern compound bows with past parallel limbs to traditional light recurve bows, we have a Quick Stand to meet your needs.

Back In Stock on our Past Parallel and Parallel model bow stands! Shipping will resume this week! Thanks for your patience.

Please feel free to  contact us to provide the make and model of your bow with your zip code and we will see if there is a Dealer near you.

INTERNATIONAL orders outside of the U.S. and Canada may be placed with Merlin Archery in the U.K. via their website:

Thank you for your interest.